Pistachio Bird's Nest

Pistachio Bird's Nest

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Pistachio Bird's Nest

A special production of crispy kadayıf with a low syrup content, made with pure clarified butter (clarified butter) and whole pistachios. Its syrup and calorie content is lower compared to classic Turkish kadayıf. It is produced using traditional methods from the regions of Aleppo, Damascus, Beirut, and Antakya. Due to its unique flavor, it is especially preferred as a snack at gatherings or as a gift during both long and short travels.

Ingredients: Antep Pistachio, clarified butter, milk, semolina, egg, wheat flour, wheat starch, corn starch, salt, water, sugar.

Allergens are highlighted in italic and bold.

Allergen Warning: Pistachio Bird's Nest contains gluten, milk and dairy products, and egg. It may contain traces of walnuts and hazelnuts.

Storage Conditions: Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.



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